Navy Husbanding
“Forged by the Sea”

SOLOMONIDES Shipping Services has been providing agency services at sea, air and to in-land operations for various Military nations since the late 1980’s. We understand the special requirements of navy ships, auxiliaries and any associated military vessels or aircrafts and our experienced team is ready to provide to our clients professional support / services with our own specialist equipment.

Following navy husbanding and port agency services are provided:

  • Towage
  • Pilotage
  • Linehandlers
  • Crew transfers
  • Berth Allocation
  • Cell phone rentals
  • Water taxi services
  • Customs Clearance
  • Hotel accomodation
  • Car and vehicle rentals
  • Anti-pollution equipment
  • Crew medical assistance
  • Bunkering arrangements
  • Mail and courier services
  • Black/Grey water removal
  • Garbage removal/disposal
  • Oily waste removal/disposal
  • Fleet landing arrangements
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Diving and underwater survey
  • Fresh and potable water supply
  • Provisions, Deck & Engine stores
  • Phone and internet modem rentals
  • Berthing and anchorage arrangements
  • Hazardous and medical waste disposal
  • Force Protection equipment both seaside and quayside
  • Pier Fendering (including deep draft fenders for submarines)