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SOLOMONIDES Shipping Services attends to all types of ships in all Cyprus Ports, Oil Terminals and Marinas. With a solid background and more than sixty years of service to the shipping industry SOLOMONIDES Shipping Services has extensive experience in all aspects of the Shipping Agency. Our customers benefit from a cost-effective, professional service and the peace of mind of knowing their ships and cargo are in safe hands.

We provide the highest standards of service to ships, cargo interests and crew. Our skilled, experienced and service-oriented team members are our clients’ representatives on the ground, acting in their best interests on every issue, 24 hours a day, from co-ordinating berthing and stevedores to arranging customs and immigration.

Southampton, UK - October 12, 2010: Sunset departure from the UK port of Southampton for the Cunard, Queen Elizabeth cruise liner. The ship was escorted down the Solent estuary by numerous boats and sailing vessels.
View from above, stunning aerial view of some luxury yachts sailing on a blue water. Costa Smeralda, Sardinia, Italy.
Gasoline station. Oil rig on the sea with approaching gas tanker ship in the evening light, shelf of Sakhalin island. Color red sky and sea
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Designed to ensure your ships enter and leave port as quickly and efficiently as possible without incurring unnecessary delays and additional costs, our ship’s agency services include:
● Completion of all relevant vessel clearance documentation
● Supervision of loading and discharging of cargo
● Cargo customs clearance
● Ship’s husbandry
● Yacht agency
● Crew changes and repatriation
● Sourcing of supplies and spare parts
● Handling ship services including repairs and maintenance